A couple quick things:

  • You might have noticed the lovely new header image that went up a few weeks back.  That image was taken by my lovely friend Kirsten at my request, and is of a necklace I’ve owned for a number of years, and recently began wearing again.  St. Claire is a favorite saint of mine, for reasons that bear telling in a post all their own.  In any case, I was delighted when Kirsten sent the image my way, and I was able to add it to the blog.
  • I’ve been adding to the New Recipes Project page here and there as the days pass. If you want any of the recipes listed, let me know, and I’ll see about sending them your way.  As a further note, most of the recipes listed in the last few months are gluten free, as I’ve recently discovered that I feel a whole lot better if I greatly limit my starch and gluten intake.
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