My Brain is Exploding

Okay, so since I know at least some of you who read here don’t know me, let me add the caveat that I am by nature a rather sarcastic person, and that that sarcasm is for me nearly always laced with a good deal of good-humored exasperation.  *disclaimer ends here*

This renewal of energy is ruining my life!  My brain is exploding.

I tried to read a perfectly lovely Anne Lamott memoir this morning on the bus (one I haven’t read yet, and have been quite looking forward to finding the time to delve into) and found I couldn’t concentrate.  There were too many questions about Catholicism swirling in my brain!

These days I’ve started my morning commute with scripture reading just as I’ve done for years.  But I’ve added some reading of The Catechism of the Catholic Church and some reading of whatever other title I’m currently perusing as I make my way through this journey. (Today it was “Catholicism for Dummies”!)

Here’s the problem – with the renewal of energy, it’s like my entire brain has decided to suddenly focus all of its attention on this journey, and it doesn’t leave room for anything else.  Granted, I’ve always been an all-or-nothing kind of gal, but this is just a bit ridiculous, and has me going back to my favorite Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy quote, “Seriously??”

So I’m trying to read about Anne Lamott’s humorous experiences in the first year of her son’s life, as she figures out the whole mothering thing, and my brain is running with questions like “Wait, what? That catechism passage I read seems to indicate that Mary was sinless her entire life. How is that possible?”

All I wanted was to read about a colicky baby, and dirty diapers, and enjoy Lamott’s signature writing style, and instead I’m thinking about finer points of Catholic theology and how it differs from the theology I was brought up with.

Sigh. Apparently this journey is demanding precedence or something. “Seriously??”

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