One Year

A friend sent me a text message a few minutes ago reminding me that a year ago today I sat with her while she got a tattoo.  It was midway through a week where five of us from across North America gathered to spend time together in person.  It was pretty much the best week I’ve had in a very long time.

I smiled when I got her text, and then laughed as I realized what else happened one year ago today.

One year ago today I sat in a mass alongside the other four women, one of their husbands, and two of their babies.  That was the mass that turned my life upside down.  I sat there and knew that the Holy Spirit was working deep within me, though I had no idea it would turn out like this!

And tomorrow, 366 days since that moment, I meet with a woman from the parish I’ve been attending, to talk about beginning RCIA next month.

Crazy. Just crazy.  That’s the kind of year it’s been!

(And I’m smiling as I write that – laughing just a little at the way one hour on a Sunday morning a year ago has so drastically impacted my life!)

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