Live at the Space

SMRTdigipak_template_0.5mmlower_11by17_TEMPLATEA couple of months back, in late summer, I got an email inviting me to drive to Red Deer in September and sit in the studio while my friend Karla Adolphe recorded a new live EP.  I managed to snag some time off from the hospital, grabbed a friend to road trip with, and was privileged to have the chance to be part of the recording process for Karla’s newest album.

For a musically clueless soul such as myself, it was enlightening to see part of the recording process, to watch the multiple takes, to see the back and forth conversations between the producers and the musicians.  For me, it was also fun to see Karla in her element – performing the songs she’s crafted and turning them into something even more beautiful with the help of her band.

Although I was familiar with several of the songs on the EP, the live setting and new instrumentation gave them life in ways I haven’t experienced before.  I listened to the EP several times through on repeat yesterday while I was cleaning my house, doing food prep, and sitting with my journal.

In “Magnolia” I hear the richness of one who has wrestled with life, with faith, with journeying.  I hear in it the struggle of the two years Karla and her family have spent recovering from the damage of the devastating floods in Southern Alberta in 2013, and I see a friend who is emerging from that space with a new depth in both her soul and her music.  Magnolia was one of the tracks Karla worked on while I was part of the small audience in the studio, and it was also cool to hear how the amazing studio experience translated to the recording.

I could talk about each of the five tracks individually, but “Child of the King” is probably one of my favorites.  I’ve loved the lyrics for ages, and I love this new recording of a song I’ve turned to often over the years.

So friends, I guess what I’m saying is that you should definitely pick up a copy of “Karla Adolphe Live at The Space” when it releases on November 17th.  You can get digital or physical copies of the album here:  Check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

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