In This Space…


This is the space where I get to have a spiritual life in the midst of the chaos of working full time shift work and juggling the responsibilities and joys of friends, home and family.

This is the space where I can talk about the things God is stirring in my heart and life, and the (usually) messy and tension filled ways in which those things are playing out in the day to day realities of my weeks. It’s the space for the rumblings that come from a church history degree, an evangelical background, and the beginnings of my journey as a Catholic.  It’s the space where my life as a nurse collides with my life as a Christian, as a friend, as a relative, as a colleague, as a questioner, writer, reader and researcher.

This is the space where I explore and question and generally fulfill the reality that I am an introvert who is also an external processor and that I need to spill my words out into conversations and onto pages to understand the spaces that my heart is currently occupying.

And mostly, this is the space where I acknowledge and chronicle the fact that my spiritual life has so often had something in common with the kind of journeying that Abraham did – the kind where you need to pull up stakes from the place of comfort and be willing to step out and start moving, believing that God meant it when he said that the destination would be revealed and that in that place there would be blessing (and that sometimes there would be blessing in the messy uncertainty of the journey, too.)

You can also find me in the space I’ve occupied on the internet for the last eight years at Of All The Liars…  I’m not there very often these days, since life at home and work leave far less time for writing than I’d prefer, but the archives are extensive, and that’s the place to find all the bits and pieces of my spiritual journey that have come before this road I’m presently walking.


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